Steps to take before embarking on a job search-Clean up your social media profiles

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It makes sense.  In this age of social media frenzy, employers are increasingly using the internet more and more to research job candidates.  Having said that, if you are considering searching for a job, one smart thing to do before sending of resumes is to review anything you currently have on these sites.

Review all social media content you’ve shared within the past couple years.  Ask yourself; does this information present an image of myself that I would be comfortable in a prospective employer seeing?  If not, clean it up!


Review ALL your social media sites, not just Facebook

While Facebook is the first social media site that comes to mind, you have to be more inclusive. What about that Twitter and Linkedin account?  Then, there’s YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit.  Could you also have content on Friendster or MySpace?

The bottom line, make sure all content is appropriate, hidden, or deleted. Like or hate it, your social media profiles are an extension of your resume. According to, roughly 80% of recruiters and hiring managers use social media to look for and vet job candidates, making it extremely important to have a professional presence on the Internet.

You never know who’s watching you on social media

You’ve heard it time and time again, but it’s true: nothing you post on the internet is truly private; so don’t be careless with what you share. Do what you can to clean up your current online presence, but for anyone looking for a successful career, it’s essential to always be exceedingly careful on the web.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team