Take control of your career- Be a Trend Spotter

At Key Corporate Services, we are specialized recruiters focused on placement of candidates in seven divisions.  These are finance and accountingpharmaceuticals and biotechoil and gasmanufacturing and engineeringconsumer products and horticultureindustrial chemicals, and food ingredients.

If you currently work in one of these industries and are thinking about making a move to another company, we have a simple word of advice; become a trend spotter.  A recent article entitled 5 Steps to Take Control of Your Career discuses this need.

Becoming a trend spotter means watching what’s happening in your industry. Pay attention to local and national news about your industry. If you hear about growth in your industry sector, call us right away.  There could be jobs we know about that are a perfect match to your skills!

  • If you see a news story about a company (in this industry) getting patent approval for a new drug, this could mean the need for new jobs in your field.
  • Did the city/state government just announce TIF (tax increment financing) for a big expansion of a biotech research lab?  As biotech recruiters, it might be a good idea to contact us right away.

You see, we are in constant contact with many companies and know (often before its news), what companies are expanding and  looking to hire. And, if you hear about a “rumored”  opportunity, call us.  Our network of corporate contacts can usually confirm/identify candidate positions available.

from Key Corporate Services Blog Team