Targeting specific companies in a job search

When job hunting, first identify those companies you would like to work for, then target those with a laser-focused determination and commitment. The opposite approach, applying to any company in the industry in hopes of landing a job, is shortsighted. It’s usually nonproductive and a waste of your time.

how to target specific companies during a job searchAs there will be multiple companies on your “wish” list, you can expect to be pursuing multiple job opportunities at the same time. Here are some tips on how to research and vet prospective employers as you build a strong target company list:

Google search

Use Google to search companies that align with your core values. Peek behind the scenes at fantastic companies by researching for companies they profile. Get a sense of what it’s like to work there.

Set up Google alerts

Use this feature of Google to target industry and prospective employers. You can track employers and know immediately when they are planning to expand operations requiring new employees to handle the extra business.

Remember to Network

Don’t forget the power of networking. Do you know anyone that works for one of your target companies? Can they provide a name you can contact to set up an informational interview? People in your network often are the gateway to uncovering the hidden jobs that never get posted online.

Follow the social media channels of target companies and their senior leadership.

Companies often leverage their best employees to be brand ambassadors, so be on the lookout for these folks’ social media presence. These often provide job seekers with great insight into the company’s culture. Is the company planning to attend or host events? These venues provide great opportunities to meet people from the company.

As a leading executive recruiter, Key Corporate Services has targeted relationships with many companies representing a variety of industries. We welcome the opportunity to work with you as you pursue that next job.