The Right Time to start your job search

If there’s one steadfast “truth” that applies to anyone who has ever ventured into the job market, it is this; it’s best to begin looking for a job when you don’t need one at all. A recent blog post by Career covered two reasons for this.

  • Prospective employers are looking for candidates that are confident and positive. 

If you are interviewing and do not need a job, you are going to be relaxed and secure. Meanwhile, the one who really needs this job, who is tightly wound and trying too hard, is the one who comes across as desperate. That is not what hiring managers want to see.

  •     Your mind’s in a better place job-hunting while you still have a job

Hunting for a job daily can be exhausting and frustrating. But, if you currently have a job, there is no need to practice this regimen each day.  You can just do some of the things that are part of that search.  And, the process will give you an education in discovering your marketability, if nothing else.

At Key Corporate Services, our specialists will help you pursue great jobs in any of the markets in which we focus. While some of our candidates are between jobs, others have simply told us what new job they would want to consider while still employed.

Either way, call us today for professional assistance in landing that next career position.  We’ll go to work matching you to companies with great jobs.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team