The Three Biggest Career Mistakes- and how to avoid them!

Renowned author and speaker Deepak Chopra MD  published an interesting article on his LinkedIn site recently, entitled The Three Biggest Career Mistakes- and how to avoid them!

While there has been a lot written about how to succeed in the job market, Chopra’s article focuses on what NOT to do in your career or when you are changing jobs. 

The author/lecturer feels that a person’s advancement in a career is limited not only by skills and experience, but also by their beliefs and the point of view they take.

He then lists the three worst things you can do in the course of your career: 

1. Setting your expectations too low.

Most people are insecure and uncertain.  So, they set their (career) expectations low, thinking that by lowering their expectations, a sense of security will come to them. The reality is, this only traps you in a job that has low possibility of expanding into anything worthwhile.

 2. Feeling that you have to be certain.

Chopra points out that life is uncertain, and the vast majority of people feel so uneasy about this that they seize on certainty when they shouldn’t. This prevents you from “growing” as uncertainty is the fertile ground for creativity.

 3. Neglecting Growth

Chopra advises that great careers are built on growth. When you’re young, its hard to see your potential. But it’s a mistake not to see that you will grow, meaning that your future self, although out of reach, has an enormous amount to offer.

He sums up the article with these suggestions to overcome these pitfalls: work on your core beliefs, exchanging the ones that hold you back for ones that meet the future without anxiety. This involves “approaching your life, not just your job, with open-ended goals that can bear fruit over the long haul.”

At Key Corporate Services, our specialists are committed to helping our candidates ‘break out of limitations” and find exciting careers that match their expectations and offer growth.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team