The three KEY job interview questions-Do you know them?

At Key Corporate Services, we’ve been in the executive recruiting service long enough (14 years to be exact) to know how to properly prepare for an interview. While we can’t prep our candidates ahead of time to know ALL the questions that may arise during the interview, we know the THREE KEY TOPICS  that  will most certainly be explored.

These three areas will be explored, directly or indirectly, in an attempt to determine a candidate’s strengths, motivation, and fit for the job.  And, most recruiters would agree they must be answered correctly in order to land the job.

These three key areas are:

1.  Can you do the job?
2.  Will you love the job?
3.  Can we tolerate working with you?

Think about it.

  • Can you do the job?” will be those questions that ask the candidate to prove they are qualified (strengths).
  • Will you love the job?” The questions asked here will help the company determine if you will enjoy the environment and challenges (motivation) of the job.  Do we think you will stay if we hire you?
  • Can we tolerate working with you?” Questions related to your likes and dislikes about current/past jobs will tell the interviewer if you will jell (fit) with the corporate culture in the new job.

At Key Corporate Services, we use behavioral interviewing to match candidates interests, qualifications, and suitability to the position. It’s our way of helping our candidates answer those THREE KEY QUESTIONS correctly and get the job.

The Key Corporate Services blog team