Finding what right looks like, part 1: Our unique, comprehensive, and highly effective hiring process

Jeff Wilson, cofounder and co-managing partner of Key Corproate Services, is an expert in behavioral interviewingThis post series comes to you courtesy of our cofounder and co-managing partner Jeff Wilson. For more information on how Jeff can help you discover “what right looks like” in your hiring, please contact him at 317-598-1950 x102 or

Key Corporate Services is a different kind of executive recruiting firm. Like a traditional firm, we locate talent for your open positions–and we’re confident we do this better than anybody. Yet, going far beyond the role of “headhunter,” we’ve developed a unique and comprehensive hiring process that empowers you to bring on the best people and retain them for the long term. At the heart of this process lies our outstanding knowledge of and experience in behavioral interviewing.

Every company needs a process for hiring the best people–just as a doctor has a process for diagnosing a medical issue and a mechanic has a process for discovering what may be causing a car problem. At Key Corporate Services, we call our process “What does right look like?”

The steps of our hiring process are as follows:

  • Get to know the client and understand the client’s business and HR needs on a deep level.
  • Discuss and determine with the client the KPIs (key performance indicators) and specific metrics of the position.
  • Discuss and determine with the client the job duties and any skills and qualifications required to perform them.
  • Discuss and determine with the client the behaviors required for top performance in the position.
  • Write the behavioral interview questions with client input.
  • Conduct behavioral interviews and provide comprehensive feedback along with a summary of answers provided by the candidates.
  • Present the client with a short list of candidates qualified through the behavioral interviews.
  • Provide extensive interaction with the client throughout the interview process.

This process results in the hiring of excellent talent–but it does even more than that. It establishes the standard of success for a position so that the client can effectively judge performance going forward.

In my next post in this series, I’ll discuss the importance of behaviors in hiring. Then, in following posts, I’ll talk in greater detail about the individual steps in our hiring process.

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