The *Value-Added* reasons for using Key Corporate Services to find a job.

At Key Corporate Services, we have a team of chemical sales recruiters dedicated to serving the industry. It’s an industry splintered into many niches and demand for great candidates is strong with the competition to fill positions fierce. 

Don Thomas, who has attended three industry trade shows this year alone, is quick to share ways that Key Corporate Services Chemical recruiters bring value to any candidate’s efforts in finding that next job. 

?   It’s a fact that most of the great jobs are never posted.  In fact, he estimates at least 90% of the jobs they fill never are “posted” externally on any online job site.

?   We fill jobs nationwide and even internationally.  So, with our network of contacts, we work with candidates all over the county.

?   Just because we may not currently have an opening doesn’t mean we can’t match a candidate to a great position. 

This last point shows how valuable a top-notch recruiting firm, with a great network, can be when looking for a job in a competitive field.

Thomas cited an example of how he works to match a candidate to a position:

I just talked to a guy today that got divested (lost his job).  The company was running into a hardship in the department in which he worked, and needed to downsize. This resulted in the company letting him go.  Because of previous conversations with hiring managers I know of many companies to contact and make them aware of this candidate being available.  

Thomas added that he would spend some of his time over the next few weeks alerting hiring managers to the fact a great candidate is available and probably will find a company in need of someone.

This kind of dedication to networking with companies to match them with our candidates is a commitment shared by everyone at Key Corporate Services.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team