The worst advice you can receive after a layoff

We read an interesting article in AOL Jobs recently about the advice people often get from friends and co-workers when they’ve been laid off.  Being separated from an employer “involuntarily” is a reality many of us face at one time or another during our lifetime. If you haven’t experienced it, you certainly know someone who has.

It’s a fact that periodic downsizing (or rightsizing) has become a common corporate practice in efforts to improve “the bottom line.”  If you are one of the unfortunate ones to experience this, you most likely will get advice from still-employed colleagues. While the advice is well-intentioned, it’s generally bad advice. 

Being advised to take some time off (you deserve it), or take a vacation (after all you have the time now), or shut that alarm off and sleep in for the next month is really not the best advice at all.

At Key Corporate Services, we advise candidates who have been laid off to get back on the horse immediately and begin looking for a new job right away. In this economy, the reality is you need to allow yourself some time to find that next career position anyway.

The good news is, if you have experience working in finance and accountingpharmaceuticals and biotechoil and gasmanufacturing and engineeringconsumer products and horticultureindustrial chemicals, or food ingredients, we probably already know of job openings that might be a great match to your skills.

from Key Corporate Blog Team