*Time Management* it’s everything when unemployed and searching for a job!

When you’re unemployed, looking for a job IS full-time work itself!

Here’s the good and the bad of it-being out of work does afford you the opportunity to conduct a “proper” search for a job, but the downside is “you have too much time”.

A recent article by online job site The Ladders entitled Time Management and the Job Search When Unemployed highlighted the importance of managing time when unemployed and hunting for a job.

  • Treat your job hunt “like a regular job”.  Set a schedule like a regular job and get up each day at 7AM to prepare for a day’s work of job searching. 
  • Even though you are unemployed, have something on your resume that is current (i.e. volunteering or consulting) to show that you are doing something between jobs. Plus, these new ‘non-jobs’ could be great opportunities to make business connections that could help you get a real one

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team