When looking for a job – Think like an employer

In the eleven years Key Corporate Services has been matching candidates to jobs, there’s one basic truth that always applies.  When followed, it’s a rule that will always increase your success in job hunting.  And it’s simply this; all candidates need to look at any opening from the perspective of the employer.

It never fails; those candidates that follow this rule always have an advantage from the start.  They are more knowledgeable because they’ve researched the company and the position.  They have already differentiated themselves by ‘internally syncing’ their experience/needs to those of prospective employer.

So, how best to follow this perspective in your job search?  A recent blog post  by Glassdoor offers three suggestions:

1.  Find a company that fits your needs

It’s a fact that any company is going to look for someone that “fits” well in their organization.  So, candidates should choose companies by the same mindset.  You want a company that satisfies your needs.

2.  Investigate the company

It’s a fact that many companies are investigating candidates online before the interview.  So, you should likewise research and learn about the company beforehand.

3.  Choose your questions wisely

Your research beforehand will enable you to ask questions that show your knowledge and interest in the company.

4.  Remember, quality over quantity

Employers are looking for quality.  So, limit your interviewing to “quality” companies.   These are companies that meet your needs for a long-term career that’s fulfilling. 

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team