Why accepting a counteroffer is never a good idea

If you work for a company and you’ve just about “had it”, you may have already threatened to resign.  If that’s the case, the company may have expressed a desire to “change your mind” by offering an enticing counteroffer.

But, before accepting that counteroffer, do some serious soul-searching as to the merits of accepting such an offer. In fact, know that such offers seldom work out in the end.  Statistics show that if you accept a counteroffer, the probability of voluntarily leaving in six (6) months or being let go within one (1) year is extremely high….approaching 100%!

An article by Careeradvancers listed reasons why accepting counteroffers is hardly ever a good idea.  Think about it. Do you really want to continue working for a company where you have to threaten to resign before they give you what you are worth?

Knowing that the money they agree to pay you is coming from possible future planned raises; will the company immediately start looking for a replacement for you that will accept a lower wage?

Face the facts; your company will now look at you as disloyal and unhappy.  This is hardly the view desired when being considered for future promotions.

And, you will not be happy with yourself, if things don’t improve, for accepting the offer. Also, peers may look at you differently if they learn you forced your employer into giving you a raise they didn’t get themselves.

At Key Corporate Services, we work with candidates who are looking for new challenges. And, we understand a great match requires a great company that can match the candidate’s needs. So, consider giving us a call before you accept any counteroffer.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team