Why Should I Hire You?

When looking for that new job, somewhere in the process you will faced with having to successfully answer that one question that is the most important of all..”Why should I hire you?

why hire youAfter all, we prepare for all the questions we think will be thrown at us during the interview.  We may write down our answers so we will remember them. We may even practice in front of a mirror to gain confidence in our presentation skills.  While this is all good, don’t lose track of the real purpose of all those interview questions. They are all gathering the necessary feedback that will answer that one and only critical question that really needs to be answered: Why should I hire you?

Yes, you can expect those questions related to your soft skills, such as how you get along with other or how you handle conflict at work. It is important to keep in mind that every question is really an attempt to answer the last one.

So, before you practice how you are going to speak to your skills and experiences, take a second and think about your answer in terms of the real question – “Why should I hire you?”

Instead of practicing answers to questions, plan to turn their questions into opportunities for you to say what you want to say about why you are the best choice for this job. Make sure that every answer you give to every question is ultimately answering that question behind all questions: “Why should I hire you?”

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team