4 Steps to Advancing Your Career as a Technical Sales Rep

A sales rep detailing the product information for a buyerSuccess in sales requires success in relating to people. Whether your product is cars, insurance, or complex science or technology-based solutions, you need to be able to establish rapport that creates trust, builds confidence, and presents a thorough understanding of the problems you’re hoping to solve. But as a technical sales rep, you must also exhibit a mastery of the complex issues facing the industry, and be able to synthesize that information to communicate at a level that makes sense to all parties involved in the discussion.

To best position yourself with a role in these industries, here are four steps to advancing your career as a technical sales representative:

  1. Build a Foundation – Through education, work experience, and opportunities to apprentice in the industry, it’s imperative you establish a background specifically tailored to technical sales. Pursuing a relevant master’s degree or valuable certifications helps with your standing. You must prove you understand the industry before recruiters and organizations come looking to harness your skills.
  2. Promote – Social media enables you to create your voice as it relates to the industry. Seek opportunities to promote your standing in the verticals by positioning yourself as a subject matter expert on platforms like LinkedIn. Post valuable content and comment on discussions to elevate your profile. Also look for opportunities to attend conferences and speak at industry events where you can interact with others in the field.
  3. Do Your Research – Know the players in the industry, who moves the needle, and trends that may affect the long-term outlook of businesses in the field. Consider partnering with a specialized recruiter like Key Corporate Services that has established relationships and a sterling reputation in areas like chemicals and feed additives. The better you can present yourself as an expert, the more you’ll be sought after for sales rep roles.
  4. Focus on Results – Sales, in the end, is all about results. Keep track of your sales history or how you were able to create solutions for organizational products. Of high importance: quantify. The numbers should tell your story succinctly.

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