Could getting away from your computer IMPROVE your JOB SEARCH?

The way we search for a job has certainly changed in the last twenty years!  Finding a job is no longer limited to sending out resumes through regular mail and filling out paper applications. Thanks to the Internet, you can now search for jobs online.

But, is that all there is to it?

A recent article entitled  “Want to Improve Your Job Search? Step Away from Your Computer!” by Career Rocketeer reminded us that online job searches COULD be a waste of time if you’re depending mainly on this tool to find work.  The gest of the article is that, while spending countless hours job-board surfing and researching job opportunities online are important, you can’t dismiss the real importance of networking and interviewing.

To be effective in looking for work, combine online searching effort with networking. You can do this by attending job fairs, meeting with friends, volunteering in a certain aspect of your field and visiting places to inquire about jobs.

And, face-to-face interviewing sharpens communication skills that you can’t get from online chats and emails. At Key Corporate Services, we’re experts at helping candidates sharpen their interview skills.  And, we specialize in some of the most lucrative job markets. So, whether you’re surfing the internet for oil industry recruiters or conducting a pharmaceutical industry executive search, give us a call. We promise to be more personal than your computer!  

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