How to Recruit Top Talent in the Industrial Chemicals Industry

Industrial chemical companies continue to be some of the most successful businesses worldwide. According to the American Chemistry Council, the U.S. chemical industry is poised for long-term growth that far surpasses the rest of the economy. The need for chemicals, plastics, and additives to support other products will continue to increase, which means top-tier candidates must also be available.

To recruit the best talent in the industrial chemicals industry, follow these steps:

  1. Build a Pool – A library of qualified candidates at your fingertips will enable you to find the right fit for a role in industrial chemicals. Starting from scratch for each talent search is inefficient. By partnering with a well-respected industry recruiter, you gain access to a pool of candidates from which to resource, leverage our deep well of experience, and maintain a wealth of quality options for many roles that arise.
  2. Keep Current – The industry is always changing, as new functions and disciplines reshape the chemicals landscape. By staying on top of the latest educational and experiential trends, you can better assess where opportunities may expand down the road. The candidate experience continues to evolve as they further build ownership in driving the market — you must ride those industry developments for success.
  3. Communicate Culture – One of the most critical aspects of a role – and a key motivator for many of today’s employees – is how it fits into the company culture. Most candidates aren’t going to be satisfied with a simple list of job expectations and solid pay. They want to feel like they belong to something more compelling and important. A company with a rich and rewarding culture will attract better employees, as well as help retain employees longer. The industrial chemicals industry is no different.

What roadblocks have you experienced in your recent recruitment efforts? Have there been disconnects between candidate expectations and the nature of a role? Key Corporate Services can help your organization recruit top talent in the industrial chemicals industry, including executive positions, management roles, and jobs in chemical sales. We’ve been leading chemical industry headhunters and executive recruiters since 2000!

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