How to reduce Attrition and Retain Employees longer

We hear it every day from great candidates calling us expressing a desire to find another company.  While they often are still working, sometimes they have left their previous employer either voluntarily or involuntarily.

At any rate, it represents attrition from a previous employer. Key Corporate Services works closely with many companies in finding key candidates. Those companies certainly want the successful candidate to stay with them for the longterm.

So, how can you reduce attrition and retain employees for the long-term?  We offer these thoughts:

  1. You can first look at compensation and benefits offered.  Are yours in line with competitors in the open market?
  2. Are you simply hiring the wrong employees? If so, adjust recruitment strategies.  Are you making sure new employees are given a real life overview of what the job entails before they accept the offer.
  3. To understand the “why” behind the attritions, are you doing exit interviews?
  4. Get feedback while employees are still working for you.  Do periodic employee surveys, asking for input on the business and how it could improve. If changes are required, make the suggested changes and publicize the results.

One last thought, perks and rewards along with a simple “thank you” goes a long way to make employees feel valued.

At Key Corporate Services, we work with companies to find great employees who are the best match for a long-term relationship.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team