Is a talent-starved industry looking for *you*?

We have a paradoxical situation in the United States these days: millions of people are unemployed or underemployed, and yet there are millions of jobs that employers can’t find skilled workers or managers to fill.

A recent AOL Jobs article noted,

There’s no argument that a skills gap hurt workers. Four million jobs remain unfilled while over 10 million people are unemployed – a number that doubles when you consider those working part-time and temp jobs just to make ends meet.

But what about the flip side? How are companies affected?

Employers are not holding out on workers because they want to. The average cost to companies for each position that goes unfilled for three months or more is a staggering $14,000, and could be as high as $25,000 for some companies, according to a new CareerBuilder study. More than half the companies surveyed currently have openings for which they can’t find qualified candidates.

Of course, our firm exists because companies always have a hard time finding good people, even when the economy is said to be “bad.” Yet the situation certainly can vary by industry. For example, we have a whole blog series about the graying of the Horticulture industry and the talent gap that the situation is causing.

It’s for all of these reasons that you can’t let bad news about the economy get you down. You may have very good prospects right now in your industry. Or your skill set may be highly valuable in another industry. You won’t know until you look. If you are a top professional itching for a change in your career or your life, now is actually the perfect time to look. We can help–contact us today!

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team
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