Looking for a new job in Biotech/Pharma? You’re not alone!

As one of the major pharmaceuticals recruiters in the country, Key Corporate Services closely follows employment trends in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industry.   So we read with great interest a recent survey published by HR services-provider RandstadUSA.  The survey concluded that, during the next 12 months, over half (51%) of all biotech/pharma employees are likely to seek new employment.

The article detailed the primary considerations biotech/pharma employees use in deciding to “jump ship” and change companies.

They include Fair Pay (94%) and Flexibility (88%) in the workplace. Reasons cited for wanting to leave a company were workplace “ills” such as lack of opportunity (34%), stress level (29%) and difficult relationships with co-workers (29%).

But, there’s a bright point highlighted in the survey. When it comes to Flexibility, the industry is ahead of the curve. At least “49 percent of pharma executives said they are now offering home or remote work options, versus 36 percent of executives from other industries.”

It’s a fact that, as more millennials progress into the workforce, workplace flexibility is becoming a key benefit any company must include if they are to attract the “best” candidates.

At Key Corporate Services, our specialists work with great biotech/pharma companies.  These are top companies who are already offering the super benefits mentioned above to attract the brightest candidates.

We can match your skills and experience to a company offering that perfect benefits package you want.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team