Personal Branding- it is everything when it comes to landing a job!

As a leading executive recruiter in the country, Key Corporate Services always focuses on matching the right candidate with the right job. But, in order to be recognized as a prime applicant for any position, the candidate needs to market themselves as the strongest choice among the many other applicants for the same position.

personal brandingSo, the question is..What do I have to do to make myself stand out when there is so much competition for the same job?”

The answer lies in marketing yourself through a focus on your uniqueness. A article by discussed the importance of personal branding and how doing this well can give a candidate an advantage over the competition.

You have to realize that a great CV may help to get you “in the door”, but it’s the way you brand yourself that will ultimately let the interviewers know what makes you unique, what added value you can bring to the position- in other words, why you are the best person for the job?

So, spend some time before an interview focusing on How you will sell yourself through personal branding. To do this, you need to identify your strengths. Take time to think about appraisals from previous jobs. What did others say were your strengths?  What did supervisors or fellow-employees say you were exceptional at?

List the skills and experiences you have that are a good match to the position you are applying for. Be specific in the projects you’ve handled and relating those to the needs of the new position. The more specific you can be in directly relating skills and past experiences to the new job, the better you will be at helping the interviewer see your uniqueness for the position.

Now, think about those soft skills you possess that will also be a great fit for the position.  Soft skills are transferrable to new jobs.  Things like consensus-building, creativity, communication skills, leadership ability, etc.   All these skills are always going to be appreciated by employers.

Finally, think about your personal traits that also identify your uniqueness. Are you punctual? Are you task-oriented?  Do you have a great attitude? Do you exceed the requirements of the task at hand?  If so, cite examples of each of these personal traits and how they helped you do your job. All these traits can help the hiring manager paint that unique picture of who you are.

By citing skills and experiences through stories of times when you demonstrated those strengths, you are marketing yourself through personal branding.

 And that alone will automatically set you apart from 90% of your competition.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team.