Reasons for working with a recruiter #1: You gain access to hidden jobs

We like to tell our client companies, “Key Corporate Services finds the hidden talent.” Only a small percentage of talented professionals are searching for jobs at any given time–yet they may be open to a new position if one is presented to them. Our business is to know who they are, understand what positions could be appropriate for them, and contact them with opportunities as they come in.

The process also works in reverse: if we know who you are and have you in our database, we can contact you with positions that might interest you. These jobs can be “hidden” to you for a variety of reasons:

  • It’s not posted outside the company. Hiring managers come to us all the time with new positions that they have not yet posted on job boards and elsewhere. We can often fill the position without their having to do any further work.
  • We are the exclusive recruiter for the position. Companies often engage us to fill positions without using other resources. If we don’t know about you, we’ll miss the opportunity to share some excellent opportunities with you.
  • You just missed it. It’s not your job to keep track of all job positions out there that might be worth considering, but it is our job to know as much about the marketplace as possible. We’ll be your eyes and ears, but we need to be in contact with you in order to do so.

We are proud to be one of the top recruiters in the country in the practice areas we serve. We would very much like to learn more about you and your dreams and aspirations. Please contact us for a confidential discussion of your future.

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team