Reasons for working with a recruiter #2: You get a reality check on your skills and experience and their value in the job market

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Contact Key Corporate Services to get a reality check on your skills and experience and their value in the job marketSuppose you’ve been in a job for awhile. It could be 2, 5, even 10 years. You’re looking to make a change, and you start responding to job posts you find online. Seeing what’s out there.

So far, so good. Your initiative is admirable. But if you don’t talk to a recruiter–or someone else who knows today’s job market very well, you could be making a mistake.

Why is that? Because you’ve been out of the market a bit and may not be up to speed on the following:

  • Your actual skill set. Quite often we talk to candidates and find out that they have a few major skills that they haven’t put on their resume. Often the skills are things that they have acquired in their latest jobs, and they haven’t thought of “selling” them yet. The same principle applies to job experience.
  • The demand in the market for your skill and experience set. The economy is changing quickly. Some skills and types of experience are less valuable than they were a few years ago, some much more so.
  • The industries and sectors where you can apply your skills and experience. You may always have thought of yourself as belonging to Industry A–but have you considered B, C, or D?

I could go on, but I think the idea is clear. The phrase “reality check” is often associated with disappointing news. True, in certain cases we have to tell candidates that their salary expectations are too high in today’s market. More often, however, the reality check we offer is of a positive nature. We are good at seeing a world of opportunity in each resume!

Plus, recruiters like Key Corporate Services can help you find a job with no cost to you! If you are a top-flight professional looking to make a change, we would love to help you think creatively about your career. Please contact us today!

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