Remind Me – Why Should I Hire You?

The reason you’re sitting down for an interview with a prospective employer is because they believe, based on your resume or professional referral, that you might be an ideal fit for their organization. But when you’re face to face with the person who may become your boss, you may have to remind them why they asked you in for an interview in the first place.

Job Interview Tips

Job Interview tipsAlways be ready to answer this question: Why should I hire you?

Your first step is to understand why they’re even interested in you joining the team. What problem(s) can you help them solve? Understanding the company’s pain points and how a person with your skill set can assist in alleviating those issues is paramount to your success. Come prepared to discuss what you know about the company and how you feel you can provide benefit.

  • What prior experiences position you to be an asset going forward?
  • What ideas do you have to improve outcomes?

The interviewer is hungry for solutions to their existing problems. Feed them.

At the same time, you have to put on your best sales hat and convince the hiring representative that you’re the best option available. You’re likely one of several candidates they believe present the best solution to their problem.

  • What differentiates you from the competition?
  • What specific results in your professional past can directly contribute toward your ability to make a difference?

One of the best methods for preparing to answer the question is to run through mock scenarios. Consider the subsequent questions an interviewer might ask and have answers ready to go that provide additional clarity to your position that you’re the ideal candidate for the position.

Remember, it’s your job to solidify in the interviewer’s mind the reasons they need to hire you. Offer the reasons confidently, succinctly, and with applicable context.

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