Should Executives Use Job Boards as Part of Search Strategy?

You’re a C-Suite executive on the hunt for a new role. Should you use job boards as part of your search strategy?

Short answer: No.

Perception is powerful. If you’re a highly skilled, in-demand executive, you shouldn’t have to look for a new role through an informal system like a job board. The perception among many hiring managers is that a candidate can’t be that impressive if they’re taking this route. Dumping your resume on a website is passive and shows a lack of understanding about today’s business world.

Are executive roles placed on job boards? Sometimes, but applying through the board is a bad idea. If you see a role that might be a good fit for your skill set, consider alternative, more relationship-based strategies for inquiring more about the position. The best opportunities typically come from the strength of your network. Meeting with connections in person, or having a phone call to discuss potential opportunities, is always more effective than blind submissions.

Key Corporate Services (KCS) is an executive search firm that works with candidates and organizations to match company needs with prospective employees. As a candidate, working with a headhunting firm like KCS enables you to have a partner in the fight, proactively searching for roles that are a mutual fit.

If you’re an executive ready to make your next move, don’t waste time surveying page after page of job board postings. Contact us today to learn how working with an established, well-connected executive recruiting firm like Key Corporate Services can make a difference for you. (And, search through our current job openings.)

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