Why use an Executive Recruiter to Help with Your job search? -Reason # 2

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Why use an Executive Recruiter to Help with Your job search? -Reason # 1

Using an executive recruiter will give you a competitive edge over the competition.

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If you’ve been hunting for a job for a while, you’ve probably already figured out that the competition can be fierce.  Particularly, for those jobs that offer the great benefits packages. So, it stands to reason that having someone to represent you and promote you as a “stand out” can be advantageous.

Think about it; having an ally that will reach out to the key decision makers of great companies to tell them about you is powerful.  We all know the benefit of having someone “on the inside” vouching for you when trying to land that first interview with a new company.

That’s exactly what a good executive recruiter will do. Granted, there may be hundreds of other applicants for the same position.  But, your application comes with a personal reference by someone (your executive recruiter) the hiring manager trusts and depends on to bring the best candidates to his attention.

A great recruiter is going to present you to the hiring manager by highlighting the value you’ll add to the company.  He will trumpet your successes, skills, and strengths.  In short, your executive recruiter with “cut to the front of the line” for you and increase your chances of landing that all-important first interview.

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