4 Chemical Industry Trends and Their Impact on Talent Recruitment

LaboratoryUnemployment is low across all industries, but companies in the chemical space, in particular, are feeling the squeeze. And it’s not going to get any better. The growing skills gap, a shifting workforce, and competition to attract the best candidates have companies scrambling for manpower. Below are 4 chemical industry trends and their impact on how employers will connect with talent:

    1. International Focus – Organizations continue to seek opportunities to expand their reach internationally. Employers must be willing to open their search – and the costs associated – toward candidates in multiple geographic locations. The days of finding the right person in a specific city are over.
    2. Competition – As noted, because unemployment is so low, employers must come to the negotiating table ready to close the deal with a candidate if that person is the right fit. If not, a competitor is likely to swoop in and make her an offer she can’t refuse. High-quality employees have the leverage in today’s market. Companies that don’t recognize that paradigm are destined to lose.
    3. Training – You may not find a candidate that is 100 percent right for a position, but that person may provide 85 percent of the skills required. Focusing on absolute perfection is equivalent to running in place. Businesses must develop a training program that fills in the skills gaps while maximizing the other benefits the candidate delivers.
    4. Culture – Younger generations have different needs than the Baby Boomers and prior waves. Work-life balance, growth opportunities, and feeling a sense of purpose in a role are often just as important as compensation. Employers must recognize how culture is a key selling point for job seekers, and the chemical industry is no different than any other industry.

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