Digital First Impressions- they can Make or Kill your chances when job hunting!

Think about how often you “check out” someone digitally before you actually meet him or her in person.  In the Human Resource world, it’s become standard practice to check out a professional’s LinkedIn and social media profiles before considering them for a job interview.  And this online scrutiny may even include a  “Google” search for good measure!

Any candidate should assume this online review is going to take place and plan accordingly.  While you may not have assessed what type of first impression you are making online, you MUST.

Digital impressions do matter.  They can mean the difference between getting the job and missing out on an amazing opportunity. So, take inventory now of your online persona. Is your image that of a professional any employer would want to hire?

An online inventory involves reviewing the content and pictures of you on all social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.).  Does this content convey the image you would want a prospective employer to see?  If not, it’s time to make some changes.

For instance, you would want a potential employer to think of you as credible and professional. So, have a professional headshot showing you looking straight- forward into the camera with a warm, genuine smile.

Review all media sites for those “first impressions” that may detract from the image you need to present. Update each site, removing the components that don’t convey you authentically and adding the photos, videos, and content that will more accurately represent you.  Your goal is to make a first impression you will be proud of.

This simple task will help you immeasurably in landing that all-important interview. And even to that next exciting job!

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team