Finding what right looks like, part 8: Our in-depth follow-up process ensures that clients are happy with the candidates we find for them

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In this post, I’ll talk about the steps of our hiring process that are in bold:

  • Get to know the client and understand the client’s business and HR needs on a deep level.
  • Discuss and determine with the client the KPIs (key performance indicators) and specific metrics of the position.
  • Discuss and determine with the client the job duties and any skills and qualifications required to perform them.
  • Discuss and determine with the client the behaviors required for top performance in the position.
  • Write the behavioral interview questions with client input.
  • Conduct behavioral interviews and provide comprehensive feedback along with a summary of answers provided by the candidates.
  • Present the client with a short list of candidates qualified through the behavioral interviews.
  • Provide extensive interaction with the client throughout the interview process.

Once we provide our client with a short list of candidates, one of two things happens:

But there is also one thing that always happens: we follow up with the client very thoroughly. We are very curious about the result of each interview the client holds with the short list candidates. If the short list does produce a hired employee, we want to know which candidate the client selected and why. Such feedback helps us refine our processes even further, and, in any case, we are always interested in final results. In the event that the short list doesn’t produce a “winner,” we want to be able to use the feedback in the next phase of our search.

Our followup doesn’t end there, however. In the event of a successful hire, we also check back in periodically to see how the new employee is performing. We are interested in whatever details are available. After all, we want to know the degree to which we succeeded in finding the desired behaviors and how those behaviors are affecting success in the position.

We are happiest when the client tells us that using our behavioral interviewing system has made a world of difference in the hiring of the new employee. Some typical feedback we receive:

  • The hiring process was quicker and required less effort than the client ever considered possible.
  • The person they hired is one of the best new employees the client has hired in a long time.
  • Considering KPIs, behaviors, etc., in the hiring process has helped the client introduce a system for measuring the performance of the new hire (and often the client expands this to include other new hires and current employees).
  • The concept of “what right looks like” has changed their HR practices for the better.

We are all about building relationships with our clients and satisfying their HR needs. Knowing “what right looks like” is the foundation of what we do: a better, faster, and more successful way to hire. Contact us to give it a try!

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