Job security and salaries trend upward in biopharmaceutical market

As one of the major pharmaceutical and biotech recruiters in the country, Key Corporate Services watches the trends in this industry closely.  Consequently, a recent online article by BioPharm highlighting a positive outlook for growth in the biopharmaceutical market caught our eye.

A 2014 survey of geographically diverse employees of BioPharm companies showed compensation was a leading indicator of improving employment conditions.

Workload, pay, prospects

While 45% of respondents reported an increase in business at their company, only 26% said their employer hired more people.  The good news is, almost two-thirds (62.2%) of respondents say that business at their company will continue to expand and improve in the 2015 and beyond.

Job security showed a positive upswing also, with respondents saying they felt more secure in their jobs than in prior years.

The number of respondents indicating their workload increased over 2013 showed a decline over 2013 numbers.

And, compensation prospects are looking up for employees in the biopharmaceutical development area.  At least 62.8% reported receiving a raise in 2014, compared to 51% in 2013.

Overall, professional advancement (over salary alone) was cited as the main reason for changing jobs.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team.