Job outlook for Financial professionals is bright in 2015 and beyond!

As one of the leading Finance and Accounting recruiters in the country, Key Corporate Services watches the trends in this industry closely.

And, we’re happy to report, new accounting and finance positions have been generated in the past year by innovation and a focus on supporting organizational growth.  

An article by reflected on this positive trend.

As expected, recent corporate scandals and the financial crisis have driven an increased focus on accounting. This has translated into a healthy forecast of employment for accountants and auditors to grow 16% in the decade from 2010 to 2020 according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Driving this growth are such things as:

  • Big Data- companies are looking to hire accounting and finance professionals who don’t just analyze the data, but who can tell the complete story behind the data and make strategic recommendations to the company.
  • Leveraging the “CLOUD”-There is increased interest in this trend of leveraging the cloud to move traditional transactional client accounting services up to a transformational service that can provide higher-value advisory services. There are a lot of firms trying to figure out what their road map should be.
  • Consulting-More and more companies are expanding their services to include accounting consulting and as hiring managers look to add to their teams, the desired skill-sets extend beyond the traditional requirements. With globalization comes the much- requested need for foreign language fluency.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team