How to Maximize Your Social Media Presence During the Executive Job Search

Using Social Media for NetworkingSocial media is a pervasive aspect of today’s world. Rare is the person who doesn’t participate in at least one platform, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. During an executive job search, candidates must be diligent in managing and maintaining their accounts to ensure information accessible through those portals doesn’t lead to a negative portrayal in the eyes of those with hiring oversight. Fortunately, you can manage those accounts and protect yourself against unnecessary controversy, while maximizing your reach during the search. Here’s how:

  1. Promote – Perception matters. If you want to be seen as an industry leader, you need to promote yourself through social media. The more you discuss your areas of expertise on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, the greater the perception that you’re a thought leader and a potentially valuable asset for an organization. Companies often hire people based on the potential connections they have, as much as what it says about them on their resume.
  2. Avoid the Gray Areas – It is okay to have firm beliefs about certain topics, but don’t waffle. Hiring managers may not always agree with you, but they typically prefer to engage with someone who has an established position than one who may just be offering responses based on what they think others want to hear.
  3. Interact with Recruiters – Applying blindly to jobs on internet boards doesn’t work, nor does waiting for recruiters to magically find you. While recruiters are actively looking for talent to fill open positions, locating you in the sea of job seekers is daunting. You need to be the aggressor and seek out recruiters, targeting those who fill roles in your industry. Connecting through social media is a direct conduit to those who may have the inside track on securing your next role.

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